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Roger Turner Sr – Great Place To Eat At.

Lashelle Mays – I love that place…Great food nice and fav is the cheese steak hoagie….I love it

Lexie Howell – My friends and I loved this place! Kevin was so sweet, we’re definitely coming back 🙂

Cherrell Lewis – Delicious food! Cool people & located on the Pitt campus in Oakland!!!

Marjory Lake – Kevin makes the best steak and cheese hoagie in the burgh, so happy I found his deli.

Robert Pamplin – Cool , it,s hitting, think about, having party’s there.

Patricia McAllister – Food and service are excellent!

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Melissa McKoy January 8th, 2016

My dad just dropped off the BEST chicken hoagie and fries to me at work. “So good it makes you wanna slap yo momma!”, as he would say! Delicious food, and even at their busiest you receive kind, courteous, and quick service. Kudos to you, your wife, and your wonderful staff, Kevin!

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